Ladder Tournament Rules

  1. The MC2 Chess Club may only engage in ladder tournament games during Winter and Summer Breaks.
  2. A new player who enters the Ladder Tournament will begin on the bottom rung. The exception would be a transfer student who has tournament experience and a USCF rating, then this student would enter at the appropriate place on the ladder.
  3. The only games played which will count for the Ladder Tournament are those games which fit the following conditions:
    1. A player may challenge another player who is up to 3 steps above them on the ladder.
    2. A challenge may only be made via email or phone call to the coach. The game must be scheduled to fit both player’s, and the coach’s, schedules and played during a Winter or Summer break. If no specific date and time can be scheduled by the parents of both students, and the coach, then the challenge must be dropped.
    3. The location of the ladder tournament game must be determined, and agreed upon, by the parents of both students. The coach will comply with their decision.
    4. If a player is challenged and is not present for the tournament, then that player forfeits the match if the player has not previously notified the coach that they will not be there due to an unforeseen issue or emergency.
    5. If the challenger wins the game then he/she exchanges places on the ladder with the person challenged.
    6. If the challenger loses, nothing happens the first or second time. However, if the challenger loses three consecutive challenges to the same person, during the same ladder tournament, then the challenger will go down the ladder one rung below from where he/she began.
    7. All tournament rules, such as touch-move/touch-take, keeping a scoresheet and using a clock, will apply.
    8. A player may not challenge and/or play in a ladder tournament game more than once bi-weekly during the breaks.
    9. The player who is challenged will have choice of color.
    10. All challenge games must be played using a G/30 time control.
  4. The coach shall be the final arbiter.